Addison Central Teens is a fast-paced and fun place to work. We foster a team environment of inclusion, support, and joy to advocate for and serve the local youth. 

Working in this role, you'll be spending time with youth, whether that's playing pool and basketball, coloring together, or just sitting and chatting. This is a laid-back position, emphasizing being a positive adult presence in youths' lives. 

This is an off-campus position. Hours will be between 2:00-6:30 on weekdays; the day(s) of the week are dependent on the student's schedule. We do emphasize consistency with the teens, so the weekday will be set at the beginning of each semester.

Work with Us

Drop-In Assistant
(Work-Study Intern)

  • Play games and hang out with teens. 

  • Help clean before and after teens. 

  • Assist with snacks.

  • Be a good listener. 

  • Trustworthy 

  • Consistent 

  • Non-judgemental 

Workshop or Event Assistant

  • This person will assist Staff and Interns with an additional task needed for the event or workshop. We ask that Volunteers are open-minded, friendly, and respectful to our teens. 

Food Prep Assistant (Volunteer)

This person will assist with meal preparation for teens. 

  • ​Meals must be prepared at the teen center. 

  • Please give us suggestions a week to put together a grocery list and purchase the necessary items. 

  • Must practice kitchen safety and keep sanitation expectations.

  • Hair pulled back; hands washed, masks on, don’t come in if you’re feeling unwell. 

Media/Admin Assistant
(Work-Study Intern)

This position will assist staff with programming and media needs. The intern will be given access to the necessary platforms in order to fulfill the role.


  • Must be familiar with social media platforms 

  • Content creation (i.e., newsletter, canva)

  • Comfortable receiving and sending emails 

  • Website management