COVID-19 Resources

We've compiled some resources for all our teens. Social engagement, things to do, where to find help, all of those things are here. 

Your Teen Center staff misses you! Stay safe out there.

Access to Resources

If you or a friend needs more reliable access to the internet or library materials, check out these resources!

Game Together

Listed here are a bunch of different options for gaming with friends online! All but the jack box games are free, but if you're interested in playing that just let your teen center crew know, because we've got them downloaded!

Screenshare Options

Looking to watch videos with friends online? Try out any of these options! These programs will cover any videos you will want to see!

Learn Something New!

If you're wanting to explore your mental horizons then we recommend any of these fun, educational resources!

ACT Discord!

More from us

Emergency Info

Counseling Services of Addison County: 24 Hour emergency line 


Trevor Project LGBTQ+ Hotline: 866-488-7386 or text START to 867867

Overall Crisis Line: Text HOME to 741741

Trans Lifeline:


Physical Exercise

Different apps and things as well as general suggestions

Health and Safety Reminders!

Doing social distancing safely and responsibly (it's not just staying 6 ft apart! prolonged exposure to others period is dangerous) link to reputable sources for news, link to the town of midd's coronavirus response team webpage

Screenshare Options

Places to find happy news! Positive places and things on the internet

If you have another content idea also/instead just run it by me



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