Expressions of Color Art Gallery

A gallery of art by students of color

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We recommend the following as a complement to your physical tour of the Jackson Gallery, or for after you've watched the Virtual Gallery Tour above. For your self-guided tour, please select an image below to learn more about the artwork and the process! Nicholas Leslie, our VYDC AmeriCorps Youth Program and Engagement Coordinator has provided notes on each piece to enhance your experience of the gallery.

Nike Me
Process Photos
As you look around the gallery, it’s obvious that much of what is displayed are photographs. These were all taken at the Teen Centers art class we held for youth of color. All of the photos were taken by Alexa Herrera Condry, who is one third of Juniper Creative. She managed to capture the life and vibrancy of the class as we all made art together and shared plenty of laughs
From my experience, people most often associate the lived experiences of POC with trauma, heartache, and the difficulties of living in a system that works against you. There is an entire world more to our experiences than that which is what this photo reminds me of. It’s the joyful expression of the black and brown experience. It’s a fun, goofy, picture.
Maddie Diop, Abstract
Subia Khan
Maryam Khan
Maddie Diop, Self Portrait
This piece by Maddie Diop really illustrates the varied components of ones identity. Food, art, nationality, and pets! What makes each person unique can’t be all be put down on paper, but Maddie has done a fantastic job of creating what feels like pure expression.
Joshua, Self Portrait
Maddie Diop, Eye
Mai Doan, Pieces of Me
Artist Will Kasso
In a world covered with masks, the eyes have a heftier than normal job; carrying the weight of expression for an entire face. What better place to start a conversation of identity than the windows to the soul
Esra Anzali
Process Shots
She Sees
The Final Mural and Teen Artists
Conversations with Juniper Creative during the planning process for the art class and the gallery resulted in the idea of one large collaborative work. The mural has a piece of everyone in it. Various perspectives and experiences working together to create something new. It’s a living celebration of difference.
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