FOREST Program

In collaboration with Vermont Huts Association, Catamount Trail Association and the School of the Forest, with support from VHCB and RiseVT.

Addison Central Teens is excited to offer a FREE February break winter adventure program for teens 7th-9th grades. The program runs from the morning of the 18th through the early afternoon of the 20th, with the two nights spent staying in the Chittenden Brook Hut, provided by the Vermont Huts Association. Teens will ski up to the hut, with lessons provided by a representative of the Catamount Trail Association. The amazing outdoor learning experience up at the hut will be supported by Chris Russell from the School of the Forest.


Further details regarding exact times of pickup and drop off, as well as pickup/dropoff location will be sent out to registered participants.

We will also hold a preliminary afternoon session for registered participants, supported by the Catamount Trail Association. Date and time coming soon!

As a reminder, this program is no cost. To support the participation of teens who may not have the resources to purchase warm winter wear, we have the ability to provide the required items to youth who need them. Please let us know what you do and don't have! We want all participants to be warm and safe for the whole trip.

All equipment needed for the other activities during the program (e.g. skis) will be provided for the duration of the program.

The registration period is now over. If you are registered, we assume you are committed to attending this program.  Thank you for signing up!


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