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Teens Get on Board with Boat Project

May 11, 2019


MIDDLEBURY —  If you've driven through Main Street in Middlebury over the last few weeks, then you've probably noticed a sailboat sitting in one of the storefront windows. The boat called, The Edge of Glory, will be raffled off on Monday Six teenagers from the Addison Central Teens Center built the boat from scratch during their February and April school vacations...


Addison Central Teens Offers Support and Compassion

March 14, 2019


MIDDLEBURY — Tranquility is perhaps the last word that one would think to associate with a teen center. However, before the kids arrive at 3 p.m., tranquility is exactly what one might experience at Addison Central Teens. Located at the Recreation Park near Mary Hogan Elementary School in Middlebury, the center has been running since 2008...


Addison Central Teens Learn Boat Building

February 21, 2019


MIDDLEBURY – For many Middlebury families, February break often serves as a time to spend time with loved ones or enjoy winter sports. Rather than heading to the Snow Bowl or Sugar Bush, however, some Middlebury area teens chose to spend their break working  on something that won’t become useful  until the ice thaws: a sailboat. Since  Feb. 18, the teens have been working in the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center as part of a boat building workshop run by the Middlebury Teen Center...