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In addition to our drop-in hours, we offer regularly scheduled programs. These programs take place on site at the Teen Center as well as around the community. We look forward to you joining us! If you are interested in partnering with ACT to provide programming, please contact us below.


Fall Programming Is Here!

LGBT+ Group

Every other Monday 4pm-5pm

Led by Cicilia, the Teen Center LGBT+ group offers you the opportunity to express any questions you may have about your gender identity or sexuality, talk about your journey as a member of the LGBT+ community, find helpful resources, and be supported by a safe and inclusive community. This program takes place on alternating Mondays starting on September 14

Teens Support Teens

Every other Monday 4pm-5pm

Led by Cicilia, Teens Support Teens gives teens a chance to express themselves, their concerns, their victories, and anything else they may need to get off their chest. Teens Support Teens is a space where we work together to build a welcoming, caring, and inclusive environment. Teens Support Teens is not a substitute for Therapy or professional Psychiatric help, and should not be treated as such. This program takes place on alternating Mondays starting September 21

Come experience the thrill of defeating a horde of skeleton soldiers in the ancient ruins of Agartha because your team’s goblin rogue just had to pull that mysterious lever that had “trap” written all over it. Not sure what any of that means? Come to Dungeons and Dragons and find out more about it, and the mystical fun of creating a whole world with your friends, and then fighting it! Our Dungeon Master, or DM for short, this year will be Adelaide! DND is a weekly program running from  pm, beginning September 18th

Friday 3:45pm-6pm



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