Project Money


A Financial Literacy workshop series designed for teens!

Struggling to figure out how to handle your money? The Teen Center and Vermont Adult Learning are coming together to teach you all the tips and tricks of adulting. From your first paycheck, to your first car, we'll cover it all.


While you can take each session individually, it's most helpful to take them all. Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up! See below for each session!

We pay YOU to take the workshops! We pay $10 for each workshop, and if you complete all 6, you get $15 extra dollars, for a total of $75.

Workshops are every Tuesday starting 2/26, and ending 4/9, from 3:45-5:00. The final date, a representative of National Bank of Middlebury will be coming in to help set up your first bank account!

This program is made possible by Vermont Adult Learning and National Bank of Middlebury.


Where Did All My Money Go?

February 26th

A look at payroll deductions, taxes and all the related forms from the W-4 to the 1040EZ

You may think that paying taxes is only for adults but everyone pays taxes starting on the first day of their first job. We’ll look at the W-4 form, which you need to complete for every employer before you even begin to work, payroll deductions and pay stubs, and finally the W-2 form and how to complete a 1040EZ tax form.  We’ll look at the process of receiving income and paying taxes using a hypothetical situation of someone earning $11.00 per hour for a 40 hour week.

Making a Plan

March 5

A discussion about the importance of goal setting, using budgets to meet goals and finding the best method of budgeting for you

Everyone has immediate goals, like buying a new phone or iPad, and longer goals like moving into an apartment or going to college. Making a plan for your money will help you achieve your goals, but only if it’s one that you will follow. Learn about setting short term goals that are based on a long term vision, and finding a method of budgeting that will help you get there.

Your Financial Reputation

March 12

Learn how to actively manage your financial reputation by accessing the services at your local bank and by building and maintaining good credit

Credit is your financial reputation. Good credit will result in lower interest and insurance rates, and a positive report to a potential landlord or employer. Learn how to manage money using the products and services available at the National Bank of Middlebury and how to build credit and access your credit report.

Car Buying 101

March 19th

How to make the best choice when buying a car

There are so many things to consider when buying a car - needs vs wants, new vs used, buy vs lease and private vs dealership. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each decision and how to wade through all the hype.

Independence 101

March 26

Learn how to prepare for your first apartment

Moving into your first apartment is a big step - How much money will you need? What do landlords look for in a tenant? What should you look for in a landlord?  We’ll address these questions and look at programs available to first time renters.


May 2

Use an online simulation to experience moving to another city and living on your own

Apply all that you have learned during this program to move to another city and begin a new job. You will need make many decisions during this simulation such as choosing an apartment, starting utilities, selecting insurance, paying bills, buying or leasing a car, etc. The goal of the simulation is to make it through 6 months without going bankrupt. You must have attended at least 2 workshops to participate.

Getting Paid

April 9

Up to $75 is now yours!

A representative from the National Bank of Middlebury will be here to help you apply what you've learned to set up a bank account! This is the day you'll get paid for each workshop you attended.



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