Quality Youth Development Project

Addison Central Teens has partnered with Essex C.H.I.P.S. and the Quality Youth Development Project to bring the Project to Middlebury! 

QYD is a framework designed by a team of youth and adults to make our communities more welcome, supportive, and appreciative of our youth. 

What is QYD?

Founded by our partners at Essex C.H.I.P.S, the Quality Youth Development Project, or QYD for short, is a community wide initiative that seeks to "support, engage, inspire, and empower youth" through the completion of 10 community benchmarks. "By achieving these benchmarks, a community is demonstrating its support for youth, which will help youth to thrive. This commitment to youth may then attract residents and businesses to the community, and may encourage youth to remain in or return to the community after graduation from high school or college."

The 10 Benchmarks

The achievement and maintenance of the benchmarks is the final goal of the QYD Project. 

1. Welcoming, inclusive, and accessible space in the community for any youth (including LBGTQ youth, youth of color, disadvantaged youth) to gather safely when out of school.

2. Funding by the community in support of youth programs.

3. Professional youth-mentoring program(s) within the community.

4. An elected community youth council, consisting of middle-high school age students that will advise the community on issues directly and indirectly related to youth – and will promote community service by youth.

5. Posters displayed by downtown businesses that indicate “Youth Are Welcome!”

6. The engagement of youth as members of the Board of Directors of local non-profits providing services to youth.

7. Youth access to social service resource information outside of a school setting.

8. An annual youth conference or legislative forum for middle/high school age students.

9. Effective recruitment of young people for local government committees.

10. Internship/employment opportunities for youth in local government and businesses.

QYD Steering Committee

The steering committee is essential to accomplishing the 10 benchmarks, as it becomes the local face of QYD and handles all interactions with community partners. Stemming from the Steering Committee, you will find the "workgroups" which will focus on individual benchmarks. The most important feature of the steering committee is that is comprised of teens and adults who have an equal voice in all matters, which means equal responsibility. At any point, the Steering Committee must be comprised of at least 40% youth between the ages of 13-19. There is currently a steadily growing steering committee, co-chaired by Lindsey Fuentes-George, and Elizabeth Chamberlain.

Getting Involved

Getting involved with QYD is not only a positive way to help the youth of our community but the community as a whole. By building stronger connections with businesses, organizations, and individuals, we build a stronger future for Middlebury.  Becoming part of the QYD team is as easy as contacting cicilia@middteens.org to get you started with access to the QYD manual and information on the benchmark workgroups! Or visit the QYD Projects website for more information!